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Auto Turbo Timer


Multi-Function Auto Turbo Timer:

Cars with a turbocharged, after traveling (especially after high-speed driving) must wait a period of time and then turn off the engine.  Even if there isn't in high-speed driving, it also needs turbo timer, because even low speed driving, the turbine does work.  What's more the turbine actuation itself dependent on engine oil injection to the role of wear, lubrication and cooling, and then parking immediately after flame out will lead immediately to stop the oil supply, while still bearing high-speed rotating inertia.  A a result, bearing life will be greatly reduced, and the turbine will be shortened, too.  Therefore, when we drive turbocharged car, before the flame, the best way is to let the engine idle for some time.  If you think this action wastes time, then we recommend that you install a turbo timer to assist you do this job.  In general, installation turbo timer won't any effects on the vehicle itself. This product is also with voltmeter function to control your battery situation, as well as RPM over speed warning function to maintain the health of your car. 

(1)  Time 1 / Time 2 / OFF functions

(2 ) Voltage Display Function

(3)  RPM Warning Function

(4)  Suit for 12 V~24 V.

(5)  Anti-Stolen Function

(6)  The timer setting can reach 9 minutes 59 seconds.

(7)  Can add extra shift lamp