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Oil Catch Tank


Oil Catch Tank:

Oil catch tank can recycle the waste oil gas which isn't completely burned to avoid re-burning and decrease carbon accumulation. This item can improve the response of ignition system and save fuel to protect the environment.

On the bottom design, there is dis-mountable screw for easy to clean. Besides, no filter insides, it won't result in accumulating any dirt.

On the up design, there can install the air filter to strengthen the flow and stop sucking hot air from engine. If you don't need the air filter, there will be a screw to close the hole. We accept OEM/ODM, so please contact us right now. 

The capacity of Round style oil catch tank is 480 c.c.

The capacity of Carbon style oil catch tank is 450 c.c. 

Avoid re-burning

Reduce carbon deposition

Save Fuel & Easy Clean

Nozzle: 9mm15mm


      Carbon Black    Aluminum Black+ Air Filter    Aluminum Red + Air Filter