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P20 OBD2+GPS Head Up Display


P20  OBD2+GPS Head Up Display


(1) Plug into OBDII or EUOBD capable vehicle.

      If your car can't get the data from OBD2, pls change to GPS system.     
(3) There are 6 different display interface that can be switched. 

(4) Display information:

     speed, engine rotational speed (RPM), water temperature, battery voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption, 

     average fuel consumption, mileage measurement, fault code elimination, turbo pressure, Air/Fuel ratio,

     intake pressure, oil temperature,accelerating competitive mode, brake performance test mode,

     display fault code details. 

(5) Display alarm: shift reminder, fatigued driver reminder, low voltage alarm, high temperature alarm,

     speed alarm, engine fault alarm and can switch Kilometre and mile.  

(6) Testing function: 0-100 km/h accelerator testing and braking testing.

(6) Auto power on/off

(7) Automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode.

(8) Can change the display colors.

(9) Package: Racing gauge X1, OBD cableX1, Non-slip matX1, manualX1

(10) Product size: 12X7.5X4.5 CM


GPS System can display: 

(1) Voltage (2)Satellite time  (3) Driving time (4) Driving distance (5) Number of satellites (6) Altitude (7) Driving direction

(8) Testing function: 0-100 km/h accelerator testing and braking testing.

GPS Upgrade:
Connect USB cable to computer with internet function; then there will offer a file.  Touch in this exe file and it will be updated automatically.