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Radiator Cap


Thermo Radiator Cap:

Safe thermo radiator cap enhhance safety for you. 

(1) It can easily determine if it is safe to remove the cap-

Hot coolant can cause your precious property severe injuries, safe thermo radiator cap has a built in the thermometer that displays your coolant temperatures. Using the temperature gauge can easily determine if it is safe to remove the cap. 

(2) Easy know the radiator temperature-

You should always use extremecare when dealing with your cooling system.  Safe thermo radiator cap gives you a quick reference t know the temperature of radiator, and also, it can help you to prevent and avoid injury when the cap is hot. 

(3) Decorate your engine to be unique-

Safe thermo radiator cap can be used on both modified car and automobile. You can exact secure temperatures of radiator after install this cap. It can also show your car's engine system is shining and unique. Using safe thermo radiaotr cap could protect you and your valuable investment.  The most important is ensure your safety when driving on the road. 




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