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Stabilizer Link


Adjustable Stabilizer Link:

Stabilizer links are part of suspension system that can improve handling and shock absorption,keeping the car from swaying too much when you turn and assist you to control your car well.  The middle bar is made by aluminum 6061 and the head with screw is made by Telflon. It should be used with coilover. More details about the specification, please download our file in the below.  


M10 or M12 x P1.25 suitable for Japanese and Europe car models:

Part No. Description of Goods Dimension Range
ASM1012505 L:50mm, M10x P1.25 -95~125mm
ASM1012510 L:100mm, M10x P1.25 -145~175mm
ASM1012515 L:150mm, M10x P1.25 -195~225mm
ASM1012520 L:200mm, M10x P1.25 -245~275mm
ASM1012525 L:250mm, M10x P1.25 -295~325mm


Part No. Description of Goods Dimension Range
ASM1212505 L:50mm, M12x P1.25 -95~125mm
ASM1212510 L:100mm, M12x P1.25 -145~175mm
ASM1212515 L:150mm, M12x P1.25 -195~225mm
ASM1212520 L:200mm, M12x P1.25 -245~275mm
ASM1212525 L:250mm, M12x P1.25 -295~325mm



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