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Electronic Throttle Controller (TC9S)


Electronic Throttle Controller:  (OBD2 Free )

Need For Speed.  Quick and Sensitive.  Improve Low Torque. 



(1) The components meet vehicle specification. Temp range is from -40~+125 o

(2) Digital signal output AD/DA up to 10 Bit, faithfully respond the original throttle signal. 

(3) It's light, thin and small, free of OBD connector.  Plug and play, easy to install. Using the exact same OEM harness, only on signal plug to connect. 

(4) Easy setting: easy to complete setting within 1 minute. Will not void your factory warranty. 

(5) Power off memory function retains the previously set stage numbers. 

(6) 3 modes for drivers's request to choose. 

ECO mode Built-in economy mode suitable for urban and highway
Sports mode 1~9 levels for choosing suitable for mountain roads and racing use.
Factory mode just push the button to "0" will return to the factory mode  Easy to return back factory mode.