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Electronic Throttle Controller


Electronic Throttle Controller:  (OBD2 Free )

        Electronic throttle control system is mainly composed of accelerator pedal, pedal displacement sensor, driving computer (ECU), servo motor and throttle and other institutions. Displacement sensor installed in the accelerator pedal, it will monitor the position of the accelerator pedal changes and send this information to the driving computer (ECU) at any time. The driving computer (ECU) computes the information and other systems' information and calculate a control signal, through the line to the servo motor; then the servo motor drive it to throttle. The throttle opening is determined by ECU, so the Electronic Throttle Controller System can set various functions to improve safety and comfort driver. However, most of drivers can feel the acceleration response be slower than with cable-driven throttle, especially when vehicle is starting, acceleration or rapid acceleration to over take a car.  With cable-driven throttle system, the accelerator pedal ratio react directly to the throttle, so the acceleration response immediately.  However, electronic throttle control system think over safety, comfort and fuel-consumption reduction; accelerator pedal ratio needs to assemble with ECU side.  If the driver like the directly acceleration respond, retrofit vehicle electronic throttle control System is the only effective solution. WellRayTech's G8 Racing 26-Drive is designed according to electronic throttle control system characteristic which is able to change electronic throttle opening ratio curve. 

       You don't need to spend lots of money and can have racing feeling on the road. G8 Racing 26-Drive solve all the problems you faced. Customized plugs for different vehicles that is easy and quick installation. One controller is with 5 modes. According to users’ request to choose the mode, Racing mode(P01-9), Sport mode(Sp1-9), ECO mode(Ec1-7), Stop mode and Normal mode (Nor). Whether it is the racing, the streets, the mountain road, providing the user with excellent driving style.       

The features of G8 Racing 26-Drive:

(1) 26-drive economic mode (EC mode): there are 7 levels for choosing. When throttle opening less then 30%, by reducing throttle output to make horsepower output smoothly, it can have fuel-consumption saving purpose.  EC mode is suitable for highways. 

(2) 26-drive racing mode (PO mode): there are 9 levels for choosing. According to the amplitude of throttle pedal and time to calculate the intensity of the throttle signal, it will reflect to the acceleration performance in the car. PO mode is suitable for racing car. 

(3) 26-drive sport mode (SP mode): there are 9 levels for choosing. It's suitable for Sport car and mountain road.  When you choose this mode, you will have racing feel in driving.

(4) 26-drive safety mode is different from the other market products.  When you're parking or revising car, 26-Drive will return to the factory mode.  Safety is top priority. 

(5) It is the best way to solve slower acceleration response problem on electronic throttle Control system vehicle.

(6) Customized plugs for different vehicles that is easy and quick installation.

(7) If this product is out of order or short circuit, it will return to factory mode. 





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