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Gear Knob


Ball Shape Style Manual Shift Level Gear Knob:

Made by aluminum alloy with high quality to improve your car's inner style within 3 different inner size(Ø=8/10/12mm). It's suitable for universal manual shift level gear knob car.  

Color style:

Carbon Black, Brush Silver, Coating Red, and Neo-Chrome.


How to install our manual gear knob: 

(1) Remove existing gear knob. 

(2) Unscrew chrome collar and slide onto gear stick

(3) Choose correct size adapter to fit over thread of gear stick.    

(4) Locate the grub screws in the gear knob with the Allen key. 

(5) Fit aluminum gear knob over adapter.

(6) Fit and tighten grub screws in position. 

(7) As the grub become tight-rotate so that equal pressure is put on each screw (when tightened the heads of the grub screws must be flush with surface of the gear knob)

(8) Slide chrome collar up and tighten

(9) Check for tightness after 50 miles. 

We accept OEM/ODM case, so please feel free to send us the drawing or sample for our evaluation.