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200W LED Fish Lamp


200W LED Fish Lamp:

Fishing vessels use ultra-high brightness lamps for lighting in order to attract the nearby fishes to improve yield of catch. More than 70% of the fishes is phototaxic, so in the night, fishers will use fish lamp to attract many plankton to attract small fishes, followed by large fishes and other fishes.

The traditional fish lamp is high pressure sodium lamp that is full-wavelength lighting system.  This light will produce unnecessary infrared, ultraviolet light, and non-directional light source. Besides, more than half of the energy will be wasted. In order to attract lots of fishes, fishers have to use ultra-high power traditional fish lamp. Therefore,in such working environment, fishermen's skin will have lesion. What's more, to support this high power fish lamp, fishing vessel need to set up a number of large generators, so that the ship increase the load and fuel. 

WellRayTech's 200W LED fish lamp, the shell is made by 6061 aluminum alloy with surface anode rust treatment and 316 stainless with rust paint. Lampshade is made by high light transmission and high strength PC material. We choose USA brand "Cree" LED chip and the lifespan can be up to 50,000 hours.  

Our 200W LED fish lamp is suitable for every kinds of fishing vessels, and it can attract commonly phototrophic fish, such as Trichiurus Lepturus, Tuna, Herring, Carangidae, Mackerel,Horse Mackerel,Spanish Mackerel, Sardines, cephalopods, etc. The damage rate of the traditional underwater lamp is extremely high and lifespan is less than 1 year. However, our led fish lamp use Cree led chip, the light decline is slow and lifespan is 5 times longer than traditional high pressure sodium lamp.  Besides, our LED fish lamp is equipped with shockproof and waterproof merits to avoid fish lights often beat in the waves and work in the ship shaking. 

The phototaxis process of fish can be divided into two stages: the first stage is the fish received by light stimulation, swimming near the light source and the second stage is the fish stay in the light source downstream movement. Some non-photogenic adult fishes, while they are in the juvenile also have phototaxis , such as Sweet fish(Ayu), Eel, and Anguilla Anguilla. Fisheyes are not the same sensitive curves for different wavelengths. The bottom of the fish feels the spectral range is very narrow, about 410-650nm, while the upper fish has a broad spectral range of about 400-750nm. We will accord to the situation of different fisheries, trapping the target of fish's physiological and ecological characteristics,to optimize the brightness, color and dynamic effects of the light source to maximize attracting the fish.

 Product features:

(1) Wide voltage range: AC90~240V, apply for marine generators.

(2) Waterproof glue coated LED and Power, Waterproof Grade IP68.

(3) Power supply selected constant current power supply, the brightness does not change due to voltage changes.

(4) Shell with aluminum alloy 6061 and 316 stainless to anti-salt damage.

(5) It can save 50% power electricity at least than the traditional high pressure sodium lamp.

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